• This Page contains information about the 1993, 1994, and 1995 Saskatoon campaigns to measure the anisotropy in the CMB. In the winter of 1995, a single Q-band radiometer with a beamwidth of about 0.5 was used. Using a new beam synthesis method, we synthesized multiple window functions and probed the power spectrum from l=60 to about l=400.
  • If you cannot access what you want hrough the Web then try the anonymous FTP site at PUPGG.PRINCETON.EDU. (also please let me know). One must then look in the directory [anonymous.cmb.sk95]. A file there called 00README.TXT tells about the contents of the directory.
  • Note: Only minimal documentation exists at this time. This situation will be improved when the papers are accepted and when we return from our next observing campaign.

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